B-SmartLED Group is a leading LED lighting manufacturer with decades of experience in manufacturing, electronics and digital technologies.

B-SmartLED´s proprietary R&D departments and European standards with production in Germany, Italy and Turkey assure that customers benefit from lighting products that excel in quality and innovation. A fully integrated supply chain allows for an optimal price-value ratio. The global yet agile structure enables B-SmartLED to serve a broad range of application including custom made solutions.



B-SmartLED understands LED lighting as a unique opportunity for the UAE, the GCC and the MEA region. Besides offering efficiency gains of up to 90%, LED technology can easily be combined with battery, solar and digital technologies. This versatility turns LED technology into a key driver for a sustainable, connected and smart future. And into a cornerstone for a successful, regional development.

B-SmartLED strives to become a leading provider of LED technology and to maximize the local value creation. A unique turnkey concept allows B-SmartLED to implement local research and manufacturing sites, and to develop the UAE, GCC and MEA region into a global hub for LED technology.

To B-SmartLED, LED technology is more than energy efficiency. To B-SmartLED, LED technology stands for job creation, education, industrial development and know-how transfer for a better future.